Why Work with a Lighting Designer?

How many times a day do you flip a light switch? Reading in bed? Applying makeup at the vanity? Working at the kitchen table? Entertaining friends in the dining room? We take for granted how often — and how seamlessly — we move between environments, adjusting the light with a flick of a finger.


8 Lies Home Renovation Reality Shows Tell (Plus One Truth!)

Are you addicted to home renovation reality shows? You’re not alone. Who doesn’t like to fantasize about an easy home renovation that only takes a weekend and delivers perfectly finished results (complete with clean sheets and fresh flowers)?

5 Home Security Upgrades for Every Budget

5 Home Security Upgrades for Every Budget

Home is the last place you want to feel insecure. Your home is your safe haven. Your place to relax with loved ones away from the worries and stress of the world beyond your walls.