When Quality Matters Most.

Purcell partners with architects and interior designers to bring their artistic visions to life. Our colleagues know from experience that when they partner with Purcell, projects are done precisely, executed flawlessly, and the results are picture-perfect.



Integrity. Our Commitment to You.

At Purcell, integrity comes first. We start by listening to you and your artistic vision. Our fine-tuned, collaborative approach with the design team ensures we truly understand not only your client’s needs and budget, but their hopes and dreams for their living spaces.



We Love Homes with a History.

At Purcell, we treat old homes like a treasured work of art. We strive to stay true to the home’s historical character, right down to the minutest details. We carefully protect and preserve each home’s unique charm while incorporating modern conveniences.

Recent Remodeling and Renovation Projects