A Suburban Master Bath Makeover

Calm. Restful. Relaxing.
Our Summer Project Highlight

Summer Project Highlight - Master Bath

We could all use a day at the spa. Hard work and long hours—we should treat ourselves!

But, what if a relaxing and pristine day spa was just steps away from your bed? Recently, we teamed-up with designer, Charlene Ackley, of Charlene Ackley Interior Design to create an in-home spa. Our client’s 1990’s master bathroom was in need of a face lift and the desire for a little quiet time at home was our mission.

The Details of Our Master Bath Renovation

It’s easy to think that everything must be replaced during a remodel or renovation. But in fact, giving a face-lift to the original design is a great way to save on budget. We updated the cabinetry simply by adding a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. It’s amazing how something as simple as paint can bring a room into the right decade.

Purcell Bath Renovation - Before and After

The 1990’s suburban classic/traditional style was additionally enhanced by incorporating spa-like features; warm tones, minimal clutter and decor, large soaking tub, and modern glass shower enclosure.

Before & After - Bathroom Remodel

And, because the bathroom was built long and narrow, Ackley chose a herringbone weave for the bathroom floor. This gave the entire room the illusion of being wider than it is.

Bathroom remodel

The Outcome – A Luxurious Spa Bathroom Makeover

As a final note Ackley states,

“Even though we had to refine the scope of the project due to budgetary concerns, Tim and the Purcell team did not compromise the vision. Tim was thoroughly involved with the entire process—it was easy to work out any issues that came up.

I’ve never had a contractor who took such great care in following the entire plan from beginning to end.”

Who says your bathroom can’t be your favorite room in the house? We believe that every corner of your home should reflect your personal style…from kitchen to bath and everything in between!

– Tim and the Purcell Team