The Kitchen is the New Living Room

Kitchens are rarely quiet, impersonal rooms. They are spaces where tastes and aromas, friends and family, work and relaxation collide. The kitchen has earned its reputation as the most important room in the home because it functions as the hub of daily life. From your first cup of coffee to your midnight snack, your kitchen […]


Lake Harriet Interior Design and Home Renovation Project

Matt and Maile had been looking for the right house for a long time. Maile was pregnant with their first child and they were eager to prepare a home before their daughter’s arrival.

Architectural Salvage Twin Cities

Finding something for your home that is salvaged can be both challenging and rewarding all in one.  Thankfully, there are many local sources filled floor to ceiling with historic, unique architectural elements.  These shops have everything from one of a kind entryways to mantels, lighting, hardware, stone and iron pieces. Whether you are looking to add a one of a kind element to your home or simply looking for a weekend activity, browsing these historic pieces is sure to be interesting. Many of these pieces even come with a story of their history. Here are some of our favorite local salvage shops and what they have to offer.

Architectural Antiques– This may be the most well known architectural salvage showroom in the Twin Cities. It is well organized, and has a wide range of products. Everything from doors, windows, tiles, hardware to more unique art pieces. They also sell most of their pieces on the website!
Gilded Salvage– This store has the typical architectural salvaged pieces most people will be searching for. Everything from doors, cabinets,  and bath tubs to hardware. 
Art & Architecture– After a visit here, this past week, I can say this store is huge and carries pretty much everything.  From antique signage, lighting, furniture and stained glass. There is also an outdoor section filled with ironwork. 
Do you have any architectural salvage stores you frequent?

Specialty Rooms

Why not turn that extra space into a specialty room. Today we highlight three trending specialty room in residential design, which would you choose?
Wine Cellars
For an avid wine collector, there comes a point when your love for wine requires more than a simple wine holder. Are you ready to take your collection to the next level? Prior to consulting your contractor or designer you need to assess your needs and wants. The storage capacity can vary from a small collection to thousands of bottles.  Will you create an entire room of wine, or will it be a feature wall in another room in your home?
Of course one of the most important things, is to store wine at the correct temperature. Stored in a room that is too warm and the wine will age faster, oxidize and loose flavor.
Take a look at these inspiring wine cellars!
Billiards Rooms
Is it possible to add a billiards table into your design but still keep it from looking like a college fraternity? Yes, the good news is there are many styles of billiards table that fit into all different interior styles.

 Add in a game table and it sounds like a fun game night!

Craft Rooms
We all know crafts can be messy, thus the most important factor in a craft room is storage! Any crafter will tell you that keeping their workspace clean is critical to success and staying sane! Craft rooms can even double as homework spaces for children.
 Why not create a place for everything, like the inspirational rooms below. More great ideas on this Houzz ideabook, and don’t forget to follow us for even more great home ideas and collaboration with local designers and architects!
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Master Suite Renovation- Project Update #4

We are putting the finishing touches of the master bedroom renovation, you can see the before photos here. We achieved all of the clients goals of this project, including creating a larger master bedroom, a functional master bath, more closet space, and a laundry room with lots of hanging space and storage. 

Master closet
 Master bedroom
Master bathroom 

Teak Shelf & Bench


Master Suite Renovation- Project Update #3

The Master Suite Renovation is progressing a few a days ahead of schedule.  Try and imagine – a contractor ahead of the written schedule?!  A well planned project in advance makes all the difference.

Stay tuned for another update in just a few short weeks!

Master Suite Renovation- Project Update 2

Just two weeks ago we posted progress photos of this project.

Due to the pool below, all of the mechanicals had to be roughed-in from the top down.  Under normal circumstances, the subfloor usually remains in place and the mechanicals are installed through the underside.

Normally interior wall framing is built on top of the subfloor.  In this situation, the subfloor had to remain uninstalled until all the mechanicals and foam insulation was installed.  The interior walls were framed and installed using a build-up of material so that the door ways would be flush after the subfloor was installed.
Watch a video of this project getting spray foam insulated here and learn more about it in an upcoming post. 
We started this project August 6th.  As of today (August 31), we have started ceiling and wall painting.