Specialty Rooms

Why not turn that extra space into a specialty room. Today we highlight three trending specialty room in residential design, which would you choose?
Wine Cellars
For an avid wine collector, there comes a point when your love for wine requires more than a simple wine holder. Are you ready to take your collection to the next level? Prior to consulting your contractor or designer you need to assess your needs and wants. The storage capacity can vary from a small collection to thousands of bottles.  Will you create an entire room of wine, or will it be a feature wall in another room in your home?
Of course one of the most important things, is to store wine at the correct temperature. Stored in a room that is too warm and the wine will age faster, oxidize and loose flavor.
Take a look at these inspiring wine cellars!
Billiards Rooms
Is it possible to add a billiards table into your design but still keep it from looking like a college fraternity? Yes, the good news is there are many styles of billiards table that fit into all different interior styles.

 Add in a game table and it sounds like a fun game night!

Craft Rooms
We all know crafts can be messy, thus the most important factor in a craft room is storage! Any crafter will tell you that keeping their workspace clean is critical to success and staying sane! Craft rooms can even double as homework spaces for children.
 Why not create a place for everything, like the inspirational rooms below. More great ideas on this Houzz ideabook, and don’t forget to follow us for even more great home ideas and collaboration with local designers and architects!
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