Country Chic

We are delighted to share with you, one of our latest projects. A country chic kitchen which blends traditional style cabinetry, subway and marble accent backsplash,  reclaimed barn wood timbers, and top of the line appliances. These features create a timeless space that will be functional and comfortable for years to come.

In paying homage to the country style, this kitchen features an apron front sink, reclaimed barn wood, original 1″x 8″ pine flooring, jadite barn style island pendants, tongue and groove ceilings, and a salvaged school chalkboard. 
One of the showcase features of the kitchen is the unique copper range and hood.  The range is from the Blue Star Precious Metals Collection. 
There you have it, a classic updated country chic kitchen. 

Conservatory Project

Today we are sharing a very unique project we have been fortunate enough to work on, a conservatory. We did a full renovation on this historic home, located in Minnesota. Although the conservatory was a smaller part of a much larger project, it was a fun and challenging addition.
Conservatories originated in the 16th century, when wealthy landowners sought to grow citrus fruits that began to appear on their tables. These fruits where brought by traders from warmer regions. Nowadays these conservatories serve as sun rooms and dining rooms as well as indoor gardens (green houses).  They are highly sought after as lounging and breakfast rooms because of the large amount of natural sunlight they receive, is there a better way to start the day?
Here are some examples of conservatories being used as extended living spaces.





The conservatory we built was fairly large in size, 18′ wide by 25′ long with a 16′ peak and had a vast amount of windows. The conservatory operates on a separate heating and cooling system then the rest of the home, for this reason.
Conservatory by Purcell Quality

The building and finish materials used in the conservatory are as unique as the space its’ self. The tile floor was imported from England, the style and pattern are reminiscent of what you would typically find in a Victorian home, such as this.  The wall and roof structure are built out of African Mahogany. Mahogany was used for various reasons, the first being its’ stability and natural rot resistance.  The second, it is a tight wood grain and enamels very well, thus giving it longevity.

As you can see conservatories can be equally as beautiful inside and out.


Whether your are building a new home, renovating or daydreaming, don’t overlook this rare space!
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Purcell Home Care and Repair

We would again like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has contacted us regarding our Purcell Home Care and Repair program. Keep the referrals coming in!

Thank You!

We wanted to extend a thank you to everyone who has contacted us regarding our Home Care and Repair service. We have had a great response and are excited to continue offering these services.
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Windows, Shutters and Doors, OH My!

The topic on windows, shutters and doors can be long and confusing, here are the basics.

There are many different style and varieties of windows, below you see an illustration of the most common styles.

  • Single or double-hung windows slide open vertically. A single-hung window’s top pane is fixed, while the bottom pane opens upward. On a double-hung window, both panes open and close. These are the most common.
  • Sliding windows are attached at the top and bottom. They slide open and closed horizontally.
  • Casement windows are hinged on their sides and swing open like a door. The usually have a crank handle that opens and closes them.
  • Awning or hopper windows swing open and closed vertically. Awning windows are hinged at the top, while hopper windows are hinged at the bottom.
Bay Window
Bow Window
  • Bay or bow windows protrude out from the wall of your home, giving the feeling of a more spacious room. They can be made up of almost any window type and combination.
French Windows
  • French windows are large door-sized windows with lattice light, typically set in pairs.


Shutter Styles

Exterior window shutters  were originally designed for light control, privacy and protection from the elements. Nowadays they serve a decorative purpose, easily adding pops of color to homes.

Similar to windows, doors come in many styles and variations, here are the most commonly found door styles.

Custom Doors – We designed this door for a clients home, and the manufacturer, Pinecrest liked it so much it that it is now available in the Pinecrest catalog.

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You have been told that the first impression is the most important. How about the first impression when you enter your home… what is it saying to visitors? Is it showcasing your individual style while welcoming your guests?



Entry Table Styling
A few good things to remember to include when designing an entryway are:
  • Mirror
  • Key catch-all
  • Storage
  • Personality
  • Coat rack- if no closet


One of the most important things many people forget about in their entryway is seating. Seating is important to assure that there is a comfortable spot to remove shoes,especially for children and the older generations. A bench may also double as additional storage, which is certainly an added bonus!


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Master Suite Renovation- Project Update #4

We are putting the finishing touches of the master bedroom renovation, you can see the before photos here. We achieved all of the clients goals of this project, including creating a larger master bedroom, a functional master bath, more closet space, and a laundry room with lots of hanging space and storage. 

Master closet
 Master bedroom
Master bathroom 

Teak Shelf & Bench


Trends in Fireplace Design

With crisp, cool fall weather upon us we decided to show you what is trending in fireplace designs. Nothing says fall like the fireplace, coffee and a good book.

Updated White Classic

  • A white fireplace with a mantel is an interior element that stands the test of time. The classic style of these fireplaces can be incorporated into many design styles from traditional to modern and everywhere in between.

Flush Fireplaces

  • Flush fireplaces tend to take on a more contemporary clean look. The appearance of the flush fireplace varies depending on the the surround that is chosen, see below. The warmth of the natural wood surround on the right gives the feeling of warmth in a contemporary setting. 
Historic Rich Wood Surround
  • Another style of fireplace surround that stands the test of time, a rich wood.

Cast-Stone Fireplaces
  • Cast-stone fireplaces offer a unique feature in a residential setting. These fireplaces are less common then traditional stone fireplaces and are created by using ancient artistry techniques. The custom possibilities using cast-stone can really stretch the imagination, almost any design your mind can think up can be made into a cast stone fireplace.
Classic Fireplace

Double-Sided Fireplaces

  • Double-sided fireplaces present many options in the design of your home. They can be placed in a master bedroom/bathroom, living room/ dining room, the possibilities are endless. Having a double sided fireplace installed is less expensive then installing two individual fireplaces, and it creates a more unique feature. 

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