Trends In Design

Today on the blog we get insider tips on trends in interior design. We sat down with Kayla Vig, Allied member ASID, and interior designer at Gunkelmans Interior Design to get tips on what is trending in design.

What are the top trends in interior design

  • I can’t speak for other designers, but I tend not to take trends too seriously. As a designer, I want pieces that are timeless and classic.  I will add layers of trends with color, pattern and texture. Trends are always changing so make sure your trends can easily change with time.

    Trends in color for this year
    A few color trends for 2013 are:

    • Pantone 17-5641 Emerald. You will see this not only in homes but also on the runway.
    • A great way to find inspiration when selecting colors is in nature. Take the inspiration and palette below for example.
    • Grey tones: Consider a warm grey instead of a beige, see below
      Don’t be afraid to mix colors, Don’t be a one color wonder!

        Trends in art and accessories

        • Art and accessories are a great way to add color and trends without painting walls a bold color
        • Gold is back!
          • Sculptures: Sometimes with a bowl or vase, you feel as if you have to put something in it. A sculpture can be interesting, beautiful and simple.
          • Books: The simplest and inexpensive way to add color, texture and pattern to a space.
          • Don’t forget the greenery! Not only does greenery add color to a space, it also adds life.

            Trends in furniture

            • Multi-function furniture, it has many uses and saves space. Furniture such as an ottoman or bed with self storage.
            • Recycle, re-purpose and reuse! Antiques, classics or family heirlooms given new life with re- upholster or refinishing.

              Thanks Kayla for the excellent tips, what is your favorite trend?

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              You have been told that the first impression is the most important. How about the first impression when you enter your home… what is it saying to visitors? Is it showcasing your individual style while welcoming your guests?



              Entry Table Styling
              A few good things to remember to include when designing an entryway are:
              • Mirror
              • Key catch-all
              • Storage
              • Personality
              • Coat rack- if no closet


              One of the most important things many people forget about in their entryway is seating. Seating is important to assure that there is a comfortable spot to remove shoes,especially for children and the older generations. A bench may also double as additional storage, which is certainly an added bonus!


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              Trends in Fireplace Design

              With crisp, cool fall weather upon us we decided to show you what is trending in fireplace designs. Nothing says fall like the fireplace, coffee and a good book.

              Updated White Classic

              • A white fireplace with a mantel is an interior element that stands the test of time. The classic style of these fireplaces can be incorporated into many design styles from traditional to modern and everywhere in between.

              Flush Fireplaces

              • Flush fireplaces tend to take on a more contemporary clean look. The appearance of the flush fireplace varies depending on the the surround that is chosen, see below. The warmth of the natural wood surround on the right gives the feeling of warmth in a contemporary setting. 
              Historic Rich Wood Surround
              • Another style of fireplace surround that stands the test of time, a rich wood.

              Cast-Stone Fireplaces
              • Cast-stone fireplaces offer a unique feature in a residential setting. These fireplaces are less common then traditional stone fireplaces and are created by using ancient artistry techniques. The custom possibilities using cast-stone can really stretch the imagination, almost any design your mind can think up can be made into a cast stone fireplace.
              Classic Fireplace

              Double-Sided Fireplaces

              • Double-sided fireplaces present many options in the design of your home. They can be placed in a master bedroom/bathroom, living room/ dining room, the possibilities are endless. Having a double sided fireplace installed is less expensive then installing two individual fireplaces, and it creates a more unique feature. 

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              Trends in Lighting

              We spoke with Brenda of Creative Lighting in St. Paul regarding what trends she is seeing in lighting selections. Creative Lighting has been one of the go to lighting showrooms in St. Paul since the 1920’s.

              “We are seeing simple lines, less formal, and smaller fixtures but better quality.”


                1. The Edison style bulbs are showing up everywhere.  They are a throwback to tradition but very simple and offer a unique look, see more examples of this type of bulb here.








              • Hubbardton forge is an example of a very popular line that is hand forged in Vermont.  It is a little more high end but people appreciate the hand craftsmanship. 


              The fixture on the upper right is one of Hubbardton Forges’ best selling pieces.  They create a variety of different styles of lighting as well as mirrors. Below are some additional examples of chandeliers by Hubbardton Forge.
              • We are seeing drum shades, and antique brass in dining rooms.


              • Colored glass is still very popular, it is being specified a lot for kitchen pendants.



              Thank you Brenda for the wonderful input!

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              Trends in Plumbing Fixtures and Accessories

              Freestanding Tubs
              These tubs create drama and add a unique feature to bathrooms. Styles vary from the classic claw foot tub to modern styles. Check out these stunning examples, which style do you gravitate towards?

              Another Beautyiful Bath_3.9.12


               Stone Tub

              Kohler Colors Featuring Jonathan Adler
              A bold new line of kitchen and bathroom sinks designed by, Jonathan Adler. These sinks let you express your personality and explore your unique, bold style.  Kohler originally introduced colored sinks in the 1920’s and throughout the decades have given clients lots of options in sink choices.

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              Trends in Bathroom Design

              We sat down with Brenda and Gina of Kitchen Comfort, a Kitchen & Bath Showroom and Design Firm located on charming St. Clair Ave. in St. Paul. Nestled between homes built in the the early 1900’s the location couldn’t be more fitting!

              They shared with us trends they are seeing in bathroom designs:

              Designing with aging in place in mind:

              It used to be that young adults would move back in with their parents, now the parents are moving in with the kids. Lately, we’ve been getting clients that are remodeling a bathroom for a parent who may move in with them, due to aging. Your body doesn’t work the same way it did 50 years ago.  By designing bathrooms with aging in place in mind, you create a bathroom that works for everyone. No matter if they are 5 years old or 75  years old! Some examples designing in this style are:

              • Adding grab bars
              • Large open showers without barriers
              • Adding a duo shower head
              • Incorporating a bench into the shower


              • Gray is everywhere! From cabinet finishes, tile, wall color, floor coverings. Gray is having a very strong presence in the design world. Check out these gray bathrooms.

              Function first:
              While fashion matters, by an large people seem to be focusing on products that are easy to clean, use and live with. Eliminating time spent cleaning and maintaining and more time with family, enjoying life.
              For the first time since 2001, Bathrooms are being chosen to remodel over kitchens by 78% of people

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              Thanks Brenda & Gina for the great information.

              Check out more of Kitchen Comforts work here!

              Trends in Tile

              To get expert advice on this post, we talked with Uson Design, a eco-friendly tile and fixture showroom located in International Market Square in Minneapolis. Their products range from traditional to contemporary in style and although they are fairly new to the Minneapolis design scene, they have made themselves very well known by offering designers, homeowners and commercial clients a wide variety of tile selections.

              Uson Showroom
              Tile Trends:
              What will tile be wearing for 2012? Tile isn’t just for kitchens and baths anymore. We are seeing it pop up in every living environment in new and creative ways such as more bold and vibrant colors. Graphic patterns create interesting and eclectic accents in homes. Tile is also becoming an increasingly popular way to add texture to a space. New printing technology has taken stone and wood look on porcelain tiles to a new level.
              Villeroy and Boch’s Cherie line make a statement with a bold graphic pattern in a vibrant turquoise blue.
              Villeroy and Boch Cherie Décor in Seladon
              For a more contemporary look, Kale’s Cube Series can be used interchangeably to create a pattern unique to your taste. Visit cube and dot to create your own patterns with their virtual designer.
              Mixing metallic surfaces into spaces has become a huge trend in fashion as well as interiors. Metallic has made its way into tile by way of accent pieces and mosaics. You can add a bit of flair to any space with a splash of metal. It’s like adding a pair of fantastic gold or silver earrings to dress up an otherwise bland outfit.
              Kale’s Dot Series has various metallic tiles that can be used interchangeably with their system, much like the cube above.
              Inax, a Japanese tile manufacturer, is known for their textured tile lines. Their EcoCarat line not only creates a deeply textured wall, but also improves indoor air quality by absorbing harmful substances, controlling humidity, and reducing odors. As you can see, these tiles really make a wall into a work of art.
              Inax EcoCarat Precious Mosaic – Pearl Mask

              Stone and Wood:
              Classics are always in. Here is an updated look on a classic marble floor.

              Mirage is on the leading edge of a new form of printing technology in tile. Mirage has applied high definition photography to the production of their stone-look tile. Using photos of actual stone pieces, they have created a system of printing these photos directly onto the porcelain’s surface; the result is astonishing. Now it is easier than ever to get the look of real stone with the improved durability and low maintenance of porcelain. You can also get the look of real wood with the same printing technology.
              To check out more products Uson design carries, click here

              Appliances in Color – Dare to be different!

              Appliances are craving color! We spoke with Monique of MJ’s Appliance and here is what she had to share regarding this colorful trend!

              Stainless is still the most popular appliance finish, but color is getting some attention.  Blue Star ranges are gaining market share for their simplistic design, high 22,000 BTU burner output and color.  With over a 190 color choices and a precious metals collection you may be awe struck by all the options available.  Your color options will range from subtle to electric, a nice neutral tan or neon yellow, color chart below.

               At MJ’s, we have had clients match their ranges to their favorite baseball team, “Go Twins” blue with red knobs, another in a beautiful robin’s egg blue, one in Harley Davidson orange and more in various shades of red.  
              Are you nervous about the forever vows of marriage to a color?  No worries!  You get a prenuptial agreement with this range.  The colored panels can be removed and you can have them refinished by your local body shop or order new ones direct from Blue Star.
              Blue Star is not spinning solo on the color wheel. Viking Range Corp also has their 24 shades of fun!  They offer culinary inspired colors such as Wasabi, Dijon, Cinnamon, Chocolate and Pumpkin, to name a few.  If you are not ready to dive head first into a pool of color but may want just a splash of it, the Viking D3 collection could be just for you.  D3 allows you to add color or wood accents to your appliance knobs and handles.
              Custom Knobs

              Are you daring enough to follow this trend?

              Thank you Monique!

              Trends in Counter Tops

              We spoke two local stone distributors regarding which trends they are seeing in countertop selections and specifications lately. 

              Paul Hilborn of Minnesota Tile and Stone here is his input on trends of countertops: 

              The most recent trends in stone counter tops are quite varied.    
              Leather Finish- Granite

              Textures are hot. We are seeing more leather or brushed surfaces than in the past. The use of polished and honed surfaces are quite common but the strongest growth is in textured material 

              •  A honed finish offers a matte look, that has more of a dull appearance and is non-reflective in nature. It is also fairly popular, but the honing process does make the material more susceptible to staining and scratching.    
              • A satin finish is somewhat similar to a honed finish, but offers a smooth, softer look with a vibrant, non-reflective finish.
              • leather finish offers a smooth, yet soft look and appears slightly more polished than a honed finish, but with a slight texture. This finish has the same care recommendations as say a honed finish but is much more forgiving (i.e hiding crumbs and fingerprints)
              Vermont Danby White Marble.The sales of white marble in kitchens is also quite strong but the problem has been White Carrara is not a great performer in the U.S. Sales are quite strong for White Carrara but the new trend is the Vermont Danby Marbles. These stones are much better performers and have soft veins of tan and black similar to Calcutta Gold but at a very reasonable price. With softer and warmer looks it has become the next “Thing” in white kitchen counter tops. 
              Vermont Danby White Marble
               If Marble scares you in a kitchen the look to “Super White” a granite with soft blends of gray and white with varied layers which produces a “dreamy” effect to the looks but performs as most granite’s have done, very well.
              Super White Granite

              Barb of Paramount Granite shared the following tips regarding trends she is seeing in  countertop sales: 

              Exotic Colors—While most people have heard the phrase, “Keeping up with the Jone’s,” when it comes to countertops, consumers may want granite, but they may not want the same color, as their neighbor, or someone else they know. Many consumers are willing to pay a little more for a stone that is unique and speaks to them.

              *Amazonia Bamboo Granite                        *Typhoon Bordeaux Granite- Leather Finish

              Multiple Color Combinations—Some consumers, these days, are mixing and matching colors for their countertops. With the multitude of colors available, some people like variety and are choosing one color for an island, and another color for their perimeter tops. We have seen others that mix it up even more, choosing 3 or more colors, depending on the kitchen layout.

              Backsplash Variety—3-1/2″ high backsplash runs are still quite popular, but many consumers are also adding tile. With hundreds of tile options and varieties, this combination makes it easy to tie a variety of colors together with their countertops and other decor.

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