Trends In Design

Today on the blog we get insider tips on trends in interior design. We sat down with Kayla Vig, Allied member ASID, and interior designer at Gunkelmans Interior Design to get tips on what is trending in design.

What are the top trends in interior design

  • I can’t speak for other designers, but I tend not to take trends too seriously. As a designer, I want pieces that are timeless and classic.  I will add layers of trends with color, pattern and texture. Trends are always changing so make sure your trends can easily change with time.

    Trends in color for this year
    A few color trends for 2013 are:

    • Pantone 17-5641 Emerald. You will see this not only in homes but also on the runway.
    • A great way to find inspiration when selecting colors is in nature. Take the inspiration and palette below for example.
    • Grey tones: Consider a warm grey instead of a beige, see below
      Don’t be afraid to mix colors, Don’t be a one color wonder!

        Trends in art and accessories

        • Art and accessories are a great way to add color and trends without painting walls a bold color
        • Gold is back!
          • Sculptures: Sometimes with a bowl or vase, you feel as if you have to put something in it. A sculpture can be interesting, beautiful and simple.
          • Books: The simplest and inexpensive way to add color, texture and pattern to a space.
          • Don’t forget the greenery! Not only does greenery add color to a space, it also adds life.

            Trends in furniture

            • Multi-function furniture, it has many uses and saves space. Furniture such as an ottoman or bed with self storage.
            • Recycle, re-purpose and reuse! Antiques, classics or family heirlooms given new life with re- upholster or refinishing.

              Thanks Kayla for the excellent tips, what is your favorite trend?

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