Appliances in Color – Dare to be different!

Appliances are craving color! We spoke with Monique of MJ’s Appliance and here is what she had to share regarding this colorful trend!

Stainless is still the most popular appliance finish, but color is getting some attention.  Blue Star ranges are gaining market share for their simplistic design, high 22,000 BTU burner output and color.  With over a 190 color choices and a precious metals collection you may be awe struck by all the options available.  Your color options will range from subtle to electric, a nice neutral tan or neon yellow, color chart below.

 At MJ’s, we have had clients match their ranges to their favorite baseball team, “Go Twins” blue with red knobs, another in a beautiful robin’s egg blue, one in Harley Davidson orange and more in various shades of red.  
Are you nervous about the forever vows of marriage to a color?  No worries!  You get a prenuptial agreement with this range.  The colored panels can be removed and you can have them refinished by your local body shop or order new ones direct from Blue Star.
Blue Star is not spinning solo on the color wheel. Viking Range Corp also has their 24 shades of fun!  They offer culinary inspired colors such as Wasabi, Dijon, Cinnamon, Chocolate and Pumpkin, to name a few.  If you are not ready to dive head first into a pool of color but may want just a splash of it, the Viking D3 collection could be just for you.  D3 allows you to add color or wood accents to your appliance knobs and handles.
Custom Knobs

Are you daring enough to follow this trend?

Thank you Monique!