How to Survive Your Home Remodel or Renovation

Survive and thrive during your renovation or remodel: Beginning, Middle, & End

Surviving a Home Remodel

In the beginning of a home project there is a buzz of nervous and excited energy. The possibilities seem endless and life is about to change for the better. But, once in the middle—details can get lost and it can become frustrating.

When you’re in the middle, the end seems far off and you may be convinced that things will never be normal again. It can feel this way during a remodel or renovation project. You may have tackled a renovation before, or possibly an entire remodel–And, you did survive.

Well, we’ve done this hundreds of times. We have the expertise to speak about the subject, and help you understand how you can survive and thrive during your renovation or remodel, beginning, middle, and end.

Before your home Remodel:

Making a plan for your home remodel is crucial. Sit down and ask yourself, and your family, these few questions:

  • Why are we doing this?
  • How will this impact our current living arrangements?
  • How can we best take care of ourselves during this time?
  • What is our budget?
  • What is our desired outcome?

Organize, clean, and get excited!

After the work is completed, your home will be new, shiny and full of possibilities. How exciting!

Avoid frustration in the middle part by reminding yourself why you’re doing this in the first place.

  • Organize your things.
    Whether they are staying in a spare room, the attic, or a storage space; it will help to have things organized and ready to be put back post-remodel.
  • Clean the existing spaces that won’t be touched by the remodel.
    Even if the whole house is getting a face-lift, maintaining the property, lawn, and garden, will help keep you connected with the home and check one large task off your list when you move back in.

Educate yourself.

Read. Read. Read!

Familiarize yourself on other people’s experiences and expertise on all things remodel and renovation. One of our favorite resources is Marie Kondo’s brilliant memoir, The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up. Consider digging into her book before or during your project.

During Your Home Remodel

Purcell Process

The Purcell Process

As a company, we pride ourselves on our work process. We provide all of our clients with a detailed handbook which includes a copy of our contract, detailed specifications, product details, drawings, and a work schedule. This way you will be able to follow what we are doing and when we are doing it.

Another unique addition to the Purcell Process is that each client is in direct contact with a Project Manager. This Project Manager will be your best resource and available to you 24/7.

Treat Yourself

Smack dab in the middle of your remodel is when we encourage our clients to treat themselves. Invest in yourself with a therapeutic massage, a cabin weekend getaway, a movie night, or whatever helps you to de-stress. THIS is a non-negotiable part of the process.

Times of change can be laborious, which is why the Purcell Process focuses on making the lives of our clients as easy as possible during any home project. The only thing that you need to do once the project comes to a close, is to sit back and enjoy all your patience and hard work.

That, and invite people over to admire your new space.

– Tim and the Purcell Team