Applying the KonMari Method to Your Home Renovation

Sparking Joy in the New Year

Declutter with KonMari

It’s hard to browse a bookstore, turn on your TV or peruse social media these days without coming across Marie Kondo. The de-cluttering guru from Japan has become a household name. Her KonMari method of organizing, which involves gathering all of one’s belongings, category by category, and keeping only the items that “spark joy” has taken the world by storm. And her book, The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, first published in 2014, is getting new life with the Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, which started airing this month.

Perfect timing, we’d say. January is synonymous with resolutions, clean slates and fresh starts. And while Kondo may focus on smaller, everyday items like clothes, books and photos, we believe her method could be applied to the spaces in our homes as well. If asked, we bet most homeowners could identify areas of their homes that spark joy and others that don’t.

Utilizing the KonMari Method in Bathroom Renovation

A recent project in the Stillwater, MN area comes to mind. The homeowners were looking to revitalize and refresh a bathroom that hadn’t been touched since their home was built in 1972. The result? A stunning space that sparks joy at every turn.

elegant bath remodel

Sharing is Caring

Anyone who has had to share a bathroom will immediately recognize the happiness that comes with having two sinks and a double vanity. The fact that the quartz countertop won’t stain and doesn’t need be sealed is just a bonus. The chrome widespread faucets add some bling and the pivot mirrors make you look good from any angle.

KonMari Bathroom

Sleek, Clean & Modern

The charcoal gray cabinets are not only unfussy, their frameless design allows for maximum storage. Sleek, streamlined hardware continues the clean, modern look.

white subway tile bathroom shower

Spacious, Bright & Cheery

A white subway-tiled shower with a glass door makes the room feel spacious and open. Recessed can lighting over the shower keeps things bright and cheery.

large shower head bathroom remodel


A generous-sized showerhead and handheld combination make every bathing experience feel like a luxurious trip to the spa. (The handheld component also makes cleanup easy.

Creative nooks in bathrooms

Neat & Tidy

An adorable niche tucked into the shower provides built-in storage and keeps the space tidy and uncluttered.

Bright, cheerful, tidy and a sink of one’s own. Each of these elements certainly sparked joy in our clients. How about you? Are there rooms in your home that make you especially happy? And conversely, are there spaces that could use a little joy? Let us know.

– Tim and the Purcell Team