Minnesota Home Renovations with Color

Color Your World

Renovating with Color

Minnesotans Know How to Appreciate Color

No one knows for sure how long we’ve been associating colors with feeling; suffice it to say we’ve been turning green with envy, red with anger and battling the blues for centuries. In addition to helping explain our emotions, colors have the power to influence us. They tell us how to act (a green light means go), what to think (a red checkered tablecloth evokes hunger) and how to feel (red, orange and yellow energize, while greens, blues and purples calm and soothe).

One of the many factors that influence our preference for color is the season. Here in the Midwest, we turn to warm, vibrant colors to get us through cold, gray winter days and breathlessly await the peek of a purple crocus or yellow daffodil to signal spring.

So what do we do when Mother Nature refuses to cooperate (i.e. throws us a blizzard in April)? We bring color indoors.

Restoring Homes with Color

The aquamarine chaise lounge and brilliant orange rug make a stunning and inviting first impression in the entrance to this 1920s beautifully restored home on Lake Harriet.

Home Renovations That Delight

The weather may be frightful, but an eye-catching floral chair, tranquil blue-hued rug and unique artwork (found on the streets of New York City) inspire pure delight no matter the forecast.

Vibrant Bathroom Remodel

This vibrant red bathroom draws attention and compliments in this home in the Kenwood neighborhood of Minneapolis.

Color AND Storage in the Kitchen

A pop of orange is the perfect way to add some zing to your day. The comfy eat-in breakfast nook is a nice alternative for a table and chairs, plus it provides additional storage.

Bold Pink Creates Stunning Powder Room

The bold silk wallpaper and Brigitte Bardot pop art in this dramatic first-floor powder room take pretty in pink to a whole new level.

Condo Renovations with a Twist

Blue and orange are complementary colors and add even more zip to the brightly tiled backsplash in this trendy condo in NE Minneapolis.

Regardless of what colors you’re drawn to and how you choose to decorate your home, we think we can all agree that we could use some relief from the whirlwind of white and gray we’ve had to deal with over the past several months. We may have to wait for Mother Nature to bring back the color in our yards, but we can at least talk – and write – about it in the meantime.

Do you have any color projects in the works? Painting a room or updating the exterior colors of your house? Do you have a go-to color that never fails to disappoint? We’d love to hear how you use color to transform your world.