Windows, Shutters and Doors, OH My!

The topic on windows, shutters and doors can be long and confusing, here are the basics.

There are many different style and varieties of windows, below you see an illustration of the most common styles.

  • Single or double-hung windows slide open vertically. A single-hung window’s top pane is fixed, while the bottom pane opens upward. On a double-hung window, both panes open and close. These are the most common.
  • Sliding windows are attached at the top and bottom. They slide open and closed horizontally.
  • Casement windows are hinged on their sides and swing open like a door. The usually have a crank handle that opens and closes them.
  • Awning or hopper windows swing open and closed vertically. Awning windows are hinged at the top, while hopper windows are hinged at the bottom.
Bay Window
Bow Window
  • Bay or bow windows protrude out from the wall of your home, giving the feeling of a more spacious room. They can be made up of almost any window type and combination.
French Windows
  • French windows are large door-sized windows with lattice light, typically set in pairs.


Shutter Styles

Exterior window shutters  were originally designed for light control, privacy and protection from the elements. Nowadays they serve a decorative purpose, easily adding pops of color to homes.

Similar to windows, doors come in many styles and variations, here are the most commonly found door styles.

Custom Doors – We designed this door for a clients home, and the manufacturer, Pinecrest liked it so much it that it is now available in the Pinecrest catalog.

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