Master Suite Renovation- Project Update #4

We are putting the finishing touches of the master bedroom renovation, you can see the before photos here. We achieved all of the clients goals of this project, including creating a larger master bedroom, a functional master bath, more closet space, and a laundry room with lots of hanging space and storage. 

Master closet
 Master bedroom
Master bathroom 

Teak Shelf & Bench


Trends in Fireplace Design

With crisp, cool fall weather upon us we decided to show you what is trending in fireplace designs. Nothing says fall like the fireplace, coffee and a good book.

Updated White Classic

  • A white fireplace with a mantel is an interior element that stands the test of time. The classic style of these fireplaces can be incorporated into many design styles from traditional to modern and everywhere in between.

Flush Fireplaces

  • Flush fireplaces tend to take on a more contemporary clean look. The appearance of the flush fireplace varies depending on the the surround that is chosen, see below. The warmth of the natural wood surround on the right gives the feeling of warmth in a contemporary setting. 
Historic Rich Wood Surround
  • Another style of fireplace surround that stands the test of time, a rich wood.

Cast-Stone Fireplaces
  • Cast-stone fireplaces offer a unique feature in a residential setting. These fireplaces are less common then traditional stone fireplaces and are created by using ancient artistry techniques. The custom possibilities using cast-stone can really stretch the imagination, almost any design your mind can think up can be made into a cast stone fireplace.
Classic Fireplace

Double-Sided Fireplaces

  • Double-sided fireplaces present many options in the design of your home. They can be placed in a master bedroom/bathroom, living room/ dining room, the possibilities are endless. Having a double sided fireplace installed is less expensive then installing two individual fireplaces, and it creates a more unique feature. 

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Trends in Lighting

We spoke with Brenda of Creative Lighting in St. Paul regarding what trends she is seeing in lighting selections. Creative Lighting has been one of the go to lighting showrooms in St. Paul since the 1920’s.

“We are seeing simple lines, less formal, and smaller fixtures but better quality.”


    1. The Edison style bulbs are showing up everywhere.  They are a throwback to tradition but very simple and offer a unique look, see more examples of this type of bulb here.








  • Hubbardton forge is an example of a very popular line that is hand forged in Vermont.  It is a little more high end but people appreciate the hand craftsmanship. 


The fixture on the upper right is one of Hubbardton Forges’ best selling pieces.  They create a variety of different styles of lighting as well as mirrors. Below are some additional examples of chandeliers by Hubbardton Forge.
  • We are seeing drum shades, and antique brass in dining rooms.


  • Colored glass is still very popular, it is being specified a lot for kitchen pendants.



Thank you Brenda for the wonderful input!

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The James J. Hill House- History

If you haven’t yet gotten the opportunity to check out the James J. Hill house on Summit Ave. in St. Paul, I highly recommend that you do so. I’ve made a few visits over the past few years and am always impressed, even beyond the stunning architectural details, pipe organ and 22 fireplaces there is so much to take in.

Pipe Organ
  • Completed in 1891
  • 36,000 sq ft (largest residence in Minnesota)
  • U.S. National Historic Landmark
  • Designed by Peabody, Stearns and Furber
  • Architectural style is Richardsonian Romanesque
  • James J. Hill supervised the design and construction very closely
  • Hybrid lighting system of both gas and electric
  • Hand tooled leather walls
    Upper Skylight
Grand Staircase
Have you been? What’s your favorite part?
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Preparing Your Home for Fall

While dressing up your homes exterior for fall maybe fun, make sure not to forget about preparing your home for the winter months.

Did you know, Purcell inspects it’s repeat clients home each fall to be sure everything is in proper working condition for the winter?

  • Crank the Heat

Surviving Minnesota winters are tough enough, can you imagine firing up the furnace or boiler the night of the first freeze only to find out it doesn’t turn on; or its blowing cold air?  Crank the heat before the cold comes to ensure its in proper working condition.  

  • Clean

Fall is a great time to have your duct work cleaned. Don’t get stuck breathing all the dust and dirt that came in when your windows were open during the summer months.

Replace and or clean all of your mechanical system filters – This can be a pain in the…..!  If you live in a newer home, post 1990 its likely that you have lots of mechanical units that require replacement or cleaning.  Be sure to check with a professional.

  • Test

All smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries as needed.

  • Reverse your Ceiling Fans

If your ceiling fans have a reverse option, turn them on when you turn on your heating, hot air rises remember?  Doing this will create an updraft and the warm air will be forced downwards.

  • Check your Roof

Your roof should be checked annually, just take a walk around your house looking at all sides of your roof. If something doesn’t look normal; your missing shingles or vent covers it best to have a professional take a second look. 

  • Blow Out

Call in a professional to blow out your lawn sprinkler system; this will include removing the back flow preventer from the exterior of your house. When water freezes in your sprinkler lines it either cracks the pipe or stretches it and causes a weakened area prone to crack later.  Properly closing your system will eliminate the need for costly repairs later. 

If you have any questions or would like a referral to one of our Professionals please contact our office at 651.748.1304, we are happy to help!  

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    The New World Trade Center

    Since tragedy stuck on September 11th, 2001, we have been following the development of The New World Trade Center.The lead building of the 6 tower complex is One World Trade Center, which when complete, will be the 3rd tallest building in the world.

    Tower 1
    • Footprint is nearly identical to the original Twin Towers – a 200ft. X 200ft. square footprint.
    •  The cost of One World Trade center estimated as of $3.8 billion dollars, it’s the single most expensive building in the world.  
    • Anticipated completion of One World Trade Center is 2013, only a year away.
    • Tower rises from a 185 foot- windowless concrete base – designed to protect against truck bombing and other ground level terrorist attacks.
    • Additional safety features includes: 3 foot thick reinforced concrete walls.
    • The current base cladding design consists of angled glass fins protruding from stainless steel panels, similar to those on Tower 7.
    •  LED lights behind the panels will illuminate the base at night. Cable-net glass façades on all four sides of the building for the higher floors, designed by Schlaich Bergermann, will be consistent with the other buildings in the complex.
    • From the 20th floor up, the square edges of the tower’s cube base are chamfered back, making the building’s shape into eight tall isosceles triangles.
    • An advanced “cocoon” scaffolding system was installed to protect workers from falling. This was the first time that such a safety system had been installed on a steel structure in the city

    You can view a live camera of the towers progress here!

    Photo of WTC Towers 2 - 7
    Rendering of Towers 2,3,4,5,7


    • Tower 2-  Designer and the WTC site master planner worked together so that on September 11th no shadow will be cast onto Memorial Park.
    • Tower 3– Designed so there is no obstructed 360 degree view of the city, this was achieved by placing columns in places other than the towers corners.
    • Tower 4- This minimalistic design, completes the WTC master plan’s to create a descending spiral into the memorial
    • Tower 5- To be built on the site that is currently occupied by the remains of Deutsche Bank Building, which was damaged by the 2001 terrorist attacks.
    • Tower 7- Will be the first certified green building to be constructed in New York City.
    File:Downtown Manhattan from heli-April2012.jpg
    Downtown Manhattan- Tower One progress- spring 2012

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    Master Suite Renovation- Project Update #3

    The Master Suite Renovation is progressing a few a days ahead of schedule.  Try and imagine – a contractor ahead of the written schedule?!  A well planned project in advance makes all the difference.

    Stay tuned for another update in just a few short weeks!

    Featured Designer- Joy Cacicia

    The featured designer of September is Joy Cacicia of RCC Interiors. Joy has over 40 years of experience, and has designed over 900 projects in her career.  Joy works closely with her clients to ensure their goals become a reality and her designs stand the test of time. We are thrilled to share with you this questionnaire featuring Joy!

          Share your background
    Having accrued over 40 years of residential and commercial design experience, I have built a reputation for devoting my attention to beautiful design and exceptional client service.  Originally from Boston Massachusetts, I moved with my family to Minnesotain the early 80’s. I founded an independently owned interior design firm: JBC Interiors. In 1990, I joined Dayton’s Design Studio and spent sixteen years building a large clientele base. I was instrumental in developing the first “Trend House” which was located within the Dayton’s Southdale Home Store. I appeared regularly on the HGTV show “Room for Change”. In 2006, I co-partnered to form RCC Interiors Inc., a Boutique Design firm. I now serve as Principal of RCC Interiors LLC, a wholly owned and operated interior design firm located in the International Market Squarein Minneapolis.  

    I     If you could live anywhere  in the world, where would it be and why
     I have established deep roots along with strong and wonderful friendships right here in Minnesota
     This is my home and I am happiest right here.

           Describe your dream home in five words
     Warm, Inviting, Comfortable, Classic, and TIMELESS

           What are your hobbies
     I enjoy Yoga, Cooking, Reading, and Antiquing.

          Five things you can’t live without
    My husband, Ron, my children, Gabrielle, Sarajill and Connor, my granddaughter, Averie, my dog, Tank and last but not least, my IPAD

          What are your favorite local shops and restaurants
    I Nonni’s Restaurant, The Olive Grove, Embellir, Art Resources Gallery

          Describe one of your favorite projects 
    Every project is my favorite project and receives my total focus…but last year I worked on the second home of a long time client who purchased a condominium in Florida.  We were able to start from the ground up…selection of floors, wall coloring, kitchen and bathroom design, lighting, space planning of previously owned furniture and with the addition of new pieces; the end result is a condominium that is classic and timeless.

          Who is your favorite artist and/or furniture designer
    I have many favorites, but my MOST favorite are
    Jacques –Emile Ruhlmann and Mies Van der Rohe, two very well known and respected Art Deco furniture designers.

          What is your favorite room in your home, why
    I love my home, but spend the most time in my kitchen. I remodeled the space over 6 years ago. The end result is a functionally inviting space with many classic touches. Entertaining is a breeze and I am able to spend time with both my family and friends.

    Fill in the blank, No room would be complete without…                                                                                                                                                                                                    
    A feeling of welcoming hospitality and …a bit of whimsy!

          Do you have “go to” paint colors, if so which ones
    Benjamin Moore’s “Super White” for woodwork. It is not a stark white…it has a warmth to it. It truly is a “super white”.

    To see more of Joy’s work please visit her website here

    Thanks Joy!

    Master Suite Renovation- Project Update 2

    Just two weeks ago we posted progress photos of this project.

    Due to the pool below, all of the mechanicals had to be roughed-in from the top down.  Under normal circumstances, the subfloor usually remains in place and the mechanicals are installed through the underside.

    Normally interior wall framing is built on top of the subfloor.  In this situation, the subfloor had to remain uninstalled until all the mechanicals and foam insulation was installed.  The interior walls were framed and installed using a build-up of material so that the door ways would be flush after the subfloor was installed.
    Watch a video of this project getting spray foam insulated here and learn more about it in an upcoming post. 
    We started this project August 6th.  As of today (August 31), we have started ceiling and wall painting.

    Trends in Plumbing Fixtures and Accessories

    Freestanding Tubs
    These tubs create drama and add a unique feature to bathrooms. Styles vary from the classic claw foot tub to modern styles. Check out these stunning examples, which style do you gravitate towards?

    Another Beautyiful Bath_3.9.12


     Stone Tub

    Kohler Colors Featuring Jonathan Adler
    A bold new line of kitchen and bathroom sinks designed by, Jonathan Adler. These sinks let you express your personality and explore your unique, bold style.  Kohler originally introduced colored sinks in the 1920’s and throughout the decades have given clients lots of options in sink choices.

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