The New World Trade Center

Since tragedy stuck on September 11th, 2001, we have been following the development of The New World Trade Center.The lead building of the 6 tower complex is One World Trade Center, which when complete, will be the 3rd tallest building in the world.

Tower 1
  • Footprint is nearly identical to the original Twin Towers – a 200ft. X 200ft. square footprint.
  •  The cost of One World Trade center estimated as of $3.8 billion dollars, it’s the single most expensive building in the world.  
  • Anticipated completion of One World Trade Center is 2013, only a year away.
  • Tower rises from a 185 foot- windowless concrete base – designed to protect against truck bombing and other ground level terrorist attacks.
  • Additional safety features includes: 3 foot thick reinforced concrete walls.
  • The current base cladding design consists of angled glass fins protruding from stainless steel panels, similar to those on Tower 7.
  •  LED lights behind the panels will illuminate the base at night. Cable-net glass façades on all four sides of the building for the higher floors, designed by Schlaich Bergermann, will be consistent with the other buildings in the complex.
  • From the 20th floor up, the square edges of the tower’s cube base are chamfered back, making the building’s shape into eight tall isosceles triangles.
  • An advanced “cocoon” scaffolding system was installed to protect workers from falling. This was the first time that such a safety system had been installed on a steel structure in the city

You can view a live camera of the towers progress here!

Photo of WTC Towers 2 - 7
Rendering of Towers 2,3,4,5,7


  • Tower 2-  Designer and the WTC site master planner worked together so that on September 11th no shadow will be cast onto Memorial Park.
  • Tower 3– Designed so there is no obstructed 360 degree view of the city, this was achieved by placing columns in places other than the towers corners.
  • Tower 4- This minimalistic design, completes the WTC master plan’s to create a descending spiral into the memorial
  • Tower 5- To be built on the site that is currently occupied by the remains of Deutsche Bank Building, which was damaged by the 2001 terrorist attacks.
  • Tower 7- Will be the first certified green building to be constructed in New York City.
File:Downtown Manhattan from heli-April2012.jpg
Downtown Manhattan- Tower One progress- spring 2012

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