Springtime Refresh in Minnesota

There is a fine line between winter and spring during the first few months of the year. And, we’ve already celebrated the coming of spring — even though a fresh coat of snow has recently “dusted” our city. When snow once had a magical quality to it – we are now all eagerly awaiting the fresh touch of inspiration that spring brings.

So, in honor of spring that has almost sprung, we want to talk about a few simple things you can do to your home to make it feel like spring inside as well. In our last blog, we talked about Spring Trends For 2018. Today, let’s talk about giving your home the post-winter refreshment it needs.

Updating with fresh paint

Updating Up Your Home with Paint –

Paint can cover a multitude of sins. Although painting is one of the simplest, and not to mention least expensive, projects that you can take on, many people are intimidated by the task. Imagine a space in your house that could use a color refresh – that lime green guest bedroom, those outdated wood cabinets, or the half bath with years’ worth of wallpaper. Now imagine that bedroom with walls of calming beige, or those old cabinets freshly painted white, bringing the whole kitchen into the twenty-first century. Jewel tones are very popular this year, so consider giving one of your rooms an accent wall of deep plum or emerald green. This could be your reality with a few simple steps. But if the thought of painting still overwhelms you, we are always happy to help.

Refreshing Your Look with Art

Creating a New Look by Rotating Art –

The art on your walls and those pieces displayed on your shelving really speak to who you are as a person and not just a homeowner. Your art can provoke, calm, inspire, and be the starter to a great conversation. Our Minneapolis designer friends, Christine Frisk, Colleen Slack, Sheree Vincent, Lisa Peck and Martina Willegalle during their Art in the Home Exhibition at the Bloomington Center for the Arts, recently taught us about rotating art, and we are loving the idea. Rotating Art is the habit of regularly changing out the pieces that you have on display. This creates excitement and diversity and helps develop a fresh look for design in your home.

Interior herb garden

Grow a Personal Herb Garden –

We all start to long for green everything toward the end of winter. The first peek of green grass in the spring is cause for celebration every year. How about creating green indoors during this next month to give you the start of spring? Consider planting a small herb garden in one of your windows to enjoy and cook with all year-long. You can transfer the herbs to your garden mid-to-late May to continue their growth (or leave them inside), and in the fall, you can hang what’s left to dry. A few herbs that survive best indoors (and are very tasty) are Rosemary, Parsley, Basil, and Bay Leaves.

You will never regret investing your time and money into the space that you spend the majority of your time. We are always here to help. Think sunshine, green grass and warm weather ahead!

– Tim and the Purcell Team