Old Friends, New Product – Introducing Quartz Master

The affordable marble countertop alternative

Here at Purcell, we don’t want to hoard our treasured product knowledge from anyone, and it’s time we let you in on a new product. You may never think about home renovations—specifically countertops– the same way again. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, let us introduce you to our friends with the revolutionary product–the team at Select Surfaces.

Select Surfaces –  Your Countertop and Surfacing Experts

Select Surfaces has been a Minnesota based, family-owned operation for almost 25 years. They originally started their business with the goal to become masters in the installation of tile, marble and granite in people’s homes. In their words –

“Select Surfaces brings a superior level of expertise to assist you in designing elegant kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment areas, and all the special areas you love in your home”

We have seen this proven to be true time and again. Select Surfaces brings a superior level of expertise to every design project and although we could continually sing their praises, we want to fill you in on the treasure that we’ve stumbled upon because of our relationship with them.

A New Quartz Countertop Option You’re Going to Love

The Select Surfaces Team has recently become the leading distributor in the Midwest for a product called Quartz Master. If you’re like the majority of people involved in a design project of any kind, you love the look, feel and luxury of marble countertops, but your wallet may not agree with your refined tastes. That’s where the Quartz Master products come in and change everything.

Quartz Master is a New Jersey based quartz manufacturer selling to distributors and fabricators throughout the U.S. and Canada. What’s so special about their quartz countertops, you may ask? Let us tell you.

Quartz Master materials are 93% natural quartz that look and feel completely identical to natural marble products. The reason that this product is impressive to manufacturers and designers alike is because there is no telling the difference between Quartz Master countertops and other natural marble countertops. It’s luxury, without bankruptcy.

“Engineered stone products are gaining in popularity and are often preferred over granite products because engineered stone requires less maintenance and has better resistance to stains and bacterial contamination,” states Tanya Otten at Select Surfaces.

Quartz Master by Select Surfaces - Calacutta quartz countertop

Above you’ll see Quartz Master’s exclusive Calacutta Vagli slab engineered into a modernized counter space that will have you seamlessly hosting parties’ day and night.

Quartz bathroom counter by Select Surfaces

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about the most important room of the house (the bathroom), and with countertops like these your guests won’t either. Did we mention that this quartz product is also extremely durable? Yes, it will last you through remodels, a growing family, toothpaste catastrophes, hundreds of house guests, and even years beyond.

Quartz Master by Select Surfaces - quartz countertop

And, if you’re looking to do a remodel with a little charisma and glamour, consider checking out the Quartz Master Nero Marquina for endless ooh’s and aah’s, not to mention admiration from onlookers galore.

Although the Select Surfaces showroom is open to the public, their goal is to work closely with like-minded companies and designers for the homeowner to receive the best overall experience with their products. Sharing product knowledge–it’s our goal, too!

So…If you’ve been convinced and you find yourself needing to get your hands on these quartz countertops right now, consider going through one of Select Surfaces’ professional trade partners, like us!

At Purcell, our greatest joy is to link arms with companies such as Select Surfaces to give our clients an excellent and high quality experience. When it comes to your home, we can promise that only the most trusted professionals in the business will be working with us, and you!