The Purcell Quality, Inc. Process: 5 Steps to a Home Renovation that Exceeds Expectations

Nobody likes unpleasant surprises.

The last time you want to be thrown a curve-ball is during your home renovation. Yet a shocking number of contractors surprise their clients with unexpected expenses, delayed time tables, and costly mistakes.

In fact, the top home remodeling gripes are cost overruns, rushed work, poor communication, and contractors who fail to show up when they say they will. All unnecessary headaches that could have been avoided had the renovators properly prepared for the job.


The Purcell Difference

We know there is a simple way to eliminate unwelcome surprises: Detailed planning, thorough preparation, and clear communication.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to anticipate and avoid home remodeling hiccups — or full-blown disasters. It takes an experienced team willing to take the extra time and effort to think through every aspect of your design.

For over twenty years, Tim Purcell, Jr., President of Purcell has guided architects, interior designers, kitchen and bath designers and artisans to successfully complete projects on time and at the agreed price. The tried-and-true Purcell Process is built on years of experience, deep knowledge of home design and renovation, and a commitment to honesty and integrity.

From the initial in-home consult to the final walk-through, our five-step process ensures that we realize your vision for your home in the best and most efficient way possible.

Our Proven 5-Step Home Renovation Process

Number 1: In-Home Consultation

 “As soon as we met Tim, we were impressed with his attention to detail and interest in making the project come out exactly as we planned.” – Jim & Mary

Your kitchen does not exist in a vacuum. The mechanicals are connected to an entire network throughout your home. And floor tiles, countertops, and paint colors should be a direct reflection of you.

That’s why we take your entire home into consideration when beginning a project — even if you’re only renovating a single room.

Starting with your in-home consultation, we plan each phase of your project within the context of your home’s style and structure, right down to the fixtures and hardware.

Purcell personally tours your entire home, along with your architect and/or interior designer. Together, we identify any structural issues that may impact your renovation and draft a design that works seamlessly with the rest of your home.

During your initial in-home consultation, we gather knowledge and establish good understanding between you and your team. You can expect to:

  • Discuss the project goals and scope of work.
  • Review concept designs, if previously started, and discuss possible finishes and budget.
  • Receive architect and/or interior designer referrals, if you don’t yet have them on board.Identify any potential issues or areas that may not be up to code.
  • Identify any potential issues or areas that may not be up to code.

Number 2: Concept Design & Estimate

“Tim is honest and doesn’t sugarcoat the details…. Being able to hand over my design and know it will get executed correctly is essential to my success as an Interior Designer.” – Sarah Bernardy-Broman, Sarah Bernardy Design


Your budget doesn’t have to be a moving target. We take the budget you give us and form a realistic plan with accurate estimates you can count on.

You shouldn’t be hit with costly changes after contractors have already demolished your bathroom. Before pencil touches paper, we scrutinize every detail of your design concept to ensure there are no unforeseen problems.

We know that every decision we make during the concept design phase impacts not only the construction process, but also the beauty, function, and longevity of your renovation for years after we leave the worksite. To make the best possible decisions, we will:

  • Talk with designers and architects to define design and finish parameters.
  • Bring our remodeling team back to your home to craft a game plan and an accurate project estimate.
  • Refine the scope of work to develop a guaranteed price for your project.

Number 3: Project Specifications & Contract

 “Thorough, attentive and very knowledgeable was our impression of Purcell. We were very impressed by the process and would work with them again in a heartbeat. Every detail is attended to in a timely and professional manner.”- Meggan & Seth


Detailed project specifications are the centerpiece of the Purcell Process. We go well beyond the typical contractor’s spec sheet to define the who, what, where, when, and why of every step of your project.

Where a typical contractor might simply say they are going to “gut the kitchen,” our specs would tell you how we plan to protect the floors, install dust barriers, remove the cabinets, and save and store hardware for reuse. And instead of lumping all electrical items together, we list every outlet, switch, and light fixture to be installed along with their model numbers.

It’s this level of detail that enables us to sign a fixed-price contract. Your contract outlines the key project milestones we must meet before handing you a single invoice, including demolition, inspections, drywall and flooring installation, and so on.

Less scrupulous contractors are known to entice clients with lowball bids, only to tack on more expenses later due to “unforeseen issues.” Before we promise to complete your project for a fixed price, we have already carefully priced all materials, products, labor, and more.

In your final specs and contract, you can expect to find

  • Detailed and easy-to-understand specifications that show exactly what you’re getting. (A typical book of specs is 30-40 pages long!)
  • The materials that will be saved for reuse or reinstallation.
  • A thorough description of the project flow, covering every phase of the remodel from site prep to final walk-through.
  • Precise construction drawings and color pictures of every product and finish so you can visualize the end result.
  • A final construction contract clearly stating the total cost, payment terms, and performance milestones that must be met.

Number 4: Construction

“People showed up when we expected them, did excellent work and never left a mess. It was a wonderful feeling to go off to work in the morning and not be concerned about what was happening back home.” – Jill & Larry 


It should not be unusual for contractors to show up when expected, deliver excellent work, and leave behind a clean worksite. Yet we consistently amaze clients during construction simply by working respectfully and efficiently.

We maintain the safest and cleanest possible work environments throughout construction. We create our work schedule and flow according to your needs and the time it takes to properly complete each phase of construction, so you can live with as little disruption as possible. We’ve even set up temporary kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry areas when needed.

Our careful planning and preparation means you have workers arriving on-time every day, without delays. During the construction phase, you can expect:

  • A pre-construction meeting with your project manager to discuss house rules, working hours, communication preferences, and more.
  • A construction schedule that shows what will happen each day, week, and month.
  • All of your products and materials ordered and warehoused before we start the job, so you’re never stuck with a gutted kitchen while waiting for a sink to arrive.
  • Safe, well-organized work spaces from day one to project completion.
  • Near-daily updates from your project manager on construction progress and any schedule changes.
  • On-call access to your full-time project manager and consultant at all times.

Once we reach substantial completion of construction – meaning, you can begin to use and occupy your space again – we will meet to inspect the project together and create an in-depth punch-list of remaining work and finishing touches.

Number 5: Final Walk-Through

“Not only was Purcell very thorough and professional; they always made us feel like we came first.” – Tamara and Juan


We don’t abandon you when our work is done.

We take personal responsibility for the long-term success of your remodel. We set you up to easily transition to your new space with a meticulously-compiled book of parts and fixture model numbers, appliance warranty registrations, and more.

Tim Purcell, Jr. will personally conduct a final walk-through to ensure your complete satisfaction. During this final phase, you can expect to receive:

  • A review of all items on your in-depth construction punch-list to verify the final adjustments have been completed.
  • All appliance manuals and warranty registrations and accounts, including usernames and logins we have set-up.
  • A complete list all the fixtures, parts, materials, and paint colors used, so you will have no trouble replacing items or retouching surfaces in the future.

Your Satisfaction is Our Bottom Line

Our process benefits everyone involved and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Clients are assured satisfaction and a team that will take responsibility for any issues that arise, instead of passing the buck. Architects, designers, and subcontractors know we will work according to the highest standards in the business and execute their designs without compromise.

This is why we consistently get to work with the best people in town — including our wonderful repeat clients and their referrals. The Purcell Process is the well-tested foundation that has cemented our reputation as one of the most trusted contractors in the Twin Cities area.

“The bottom-line is that the completed project exceeded our expectations and matched our existing structure perfectly – an example of Purcell Quality.” – Jim and Mary

Ready to Get Started?

No project is too big or small. Whether you’re just beginning to envision a renovation, or you already have the blueprints in hand, we’d love to have a conversation about how we can assist you.

Contact us today to begin the Purcell Process.