Why Top Rated St Paul Interior Designers Work with Purcell

As a home renovation company in Minneapolis, we have the pleasure of working with a number of talented interior designers, including Jen Ziemer of Fiddlehead Design Group. We’ve worked with Jen on a number of projects, and she has even been a client herself!

As a top rated St Paul interior designer, we appreciate Jen’s beautiful design aesthetic as well as her work ethic and compatibility with clients. Every project is special, because it’s someone’s home.

Jen understands this, and can bring a client’s personality into their space in a cohesive and captivating manner. She also doesn’t believe in following aesthetic “rules,” which means her work is confident, creative, and unique.

Jen Ziemer, a Minneapolis-Area Interior Designer

Jen is an Allied Member of ASID, and is focused on creating excellent work with her business partner, Andréa Dixon. Fiddlehead Design Group is committed to creating, collaborating, and celebrating every client’s space. With an emphasis on beautifully functional kitchens and bathrooms, Jen and Andréa are passionate about turning “houses into homes.”

As an Allied Member of the American Society of Interior Designers, Jen is committed to continuing education in the interior design space. Hiring an Allied Member of ASID means they need to complete at least 40 semester hours of interior design education at an accredited institution.

When we work with Allied Members of ASID, we know that our clients will receive the best knowledge and experience possible during their home renovation. And since meeting Jen during a showcase project a few years ago, we’ve appreciated her support and friendship.


Learning to Love the Home Renovation Process

The home renovation process can be stressful with the number of parties involved, but Jen spoke to how our organization’s detail-oriented workflow helped each project go smoothly. With multiple sub-contractors, our team, Jen, and the product vendors, the project could easily get off schedule without proper planning.

A benefit of experience is that we know what works, and what doesn’t. Our goal is to always stay proactive and organized so that we don’t leave anything out and that the client receives the end result they desired or envisioned.

Building the Right Team for Home Remodels

Jen appreciates our Project Managers, and that their presence at the work site every day helps ensure the project stays on track. Tim remains involved as well, providing additional support and management.

Project management is an integral part of a renovation, which is why we emphasize the role within our team. Your project manager will always be available for any questions you may have, and they coordinate all aspects and crews to ensure your project is finished on time. You won’t need to talk to every subcontractor and material supplier; that’s why you hired Purcell.

Finishing a Project Right Means Attention to Detail

Interior design means paying close attention to detail so our client receives the finished space they’re looking for. This detail-oriented workflow is part of the reason we enjoy working with Jen! Both teams know what needs to be done, and we have the infrastructure in place to ensure that we don’t forget a crucial piece of the plan.

As both a partner and a client, Jen knows the importance this plays in our work, and is why we continue to enjoy working with her. Fiddlehead Design Group’s portfolio is colorful, and Jen enjoys breaking the rules for both clients and herself. This results in a home that exemplifies their personalities while emphasizing a livable space.

“I’m not afraid. People hold back, but I’m here to say, ‘It’s OK!’ I don’t have rules, for me or for my clients. I tell them, ‘You see it. You like it. We’ll make it work.’”

The way Jen and Andréa use color and texture throughout a home is a testament to their detailed approach. Pops of color complement the space, and add personality without overtaking a room.


Jen also loves working with patterns and fabric. You don’t need to be afraid of patterns! They can help create a lively, beautiful space that showcases your personality.

Making Communication a Priority

Communication is an important part of any business relationship, but when it involves a client’s home, we’d say it’s critical. There’s a fine balance between not communicating enough and communicating too much.

While working together, Jen appreciated the consistent communication, especially during the chaotic times of the renovation. Every project will have problems, but it’s how you respond to them that makes the difference.

When there’s a problem, we believe it’s always better to come with a solution already in place. This not only reduces unnecessary conversations, but also creates the most efficient workflow. Efficiency is critical in a home renovation, especially when a problem arises.

Jen appreciated how we wouldn’t just come with the problem, we would come with a solution already created, because the team anticipated problems and could easily switch to Plan B or C. We could face a delay if we aren’t prioritizing efficient solutions, which is why we want to have everything planned prior to beginning.

“It’s import to find a solution before you know there’s a problem.”

Innovating with Interior Design

Interior design is always evolving, especially regarding design trends and technology. And while trends can be successfully integrated into your home remodel, it’s not necessary to follow them. The best homes are often those that create their own look.

Jen works with her clients to find what they enjoy and appreciate in a home, then creates a space that will truly feel like home.

As more families integrate smart home technology into their house, it’s important that it flawlessly blends with the design. This could mean integrating smart light fixtures (or smart bulbs) and how to unobtrusively add security cameras to the interior and/or exterior of the home.

As technology continues to develop, it’s important that we as designers and remodelers can properly integrate it into our plans.

We always enjoy working with creative and top rated St Paul interior designers like Jen Ziemer. She has a clear creative mind, which we’ve seen with every project we’ve worked on together. As an Allied Member of ASID, you know she’s committed to her craft and continuing her education.

Home renovations can be stressful and problems will appear. But when we work with a talented interior designer like Jen, we know that we have a team that will minimize stress and maximize communication.

If you would like to learn more about Jen and Fiddlehead Design Group, you can reach them here.

Want to discuss how we could work together to recreate your home? Give us a call at (651) 748-1304.