Get to Know Jennifer Ball, RemWhirl Interior Designer Minnesota Allied ASID Member

We’re thrilled to share our next Partner Spotlight piece featuring Jennifer Ball, an Allied ASID member. Jennifer is a Minnesota-based Interior Designer, and believes that what you get out of professional development is what you put in. When building a career, it’s important to focus on getting involved in your community and building relationships.

Jennifer recently joined the team at RemWhirl, and works with the team and their clients throughout the design and collaboration process. RemWhirl is an architecture, interior design, and landscape design firm based in Minneapolis and Crosslake, Minnesota.

She enjoys the chance to work with a project from start to finish, and works primarily with clients designing their second home. Previously, Jennifer worked with a variety of clients on their remodels, whether it was updating their kitchen or remodeling their entire home.


The Innovation of Interior Design

Interior design is constantly evolving, which means that Interior Designers need to always be learning and growing. This creative aspect is what Jennifer loves about the field. From developing the concept with the client to pulling together different textures and finishes, she enjoys the entire process.

New products and materials are constantly being developed and released, which gives Interior Designers the chance to always bring their clients something new.

Why ASID is an Important Resource

What should you know about The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)? When hiring an Interior Designer, this is the distinction to look for to ensure a knowledgeable and experienced designer.

Professional organizations are often either a great or poor experience. The ASID community, though, is focused on giving as much value as possible through their events and member activities.

ASID’s belief is that “design impacts lives.” They embody this mission through their education, advocacy, and relationship-building in the community to share the importance of interior design.

The community that ASID has built is focused on collaboration and topics that matter.

“We collaborate with others to promote the value of interior design. We prepare our members to excel in a dynamic and evolving profession. We generate, collect, and disseminate applied knowledge.

We lead interior designers in shared conversations around topics that matter: from evidence-based and human-centric design to social responsibility, well-being, and sustainability. We showcase the impact of design on the human experience and the value interior designers provide.”

Interior Designers are in a unique position to help build the renewable energy and sustainable living industries, which is why ASID focuses on creating continuing education credits that help disseminate this information.

There are around 350 professional ASID chapters throughout the country. When looking for an interior designer, this is an important distinction to look for.

The Benefit of ASID Membership

Jennifer began her involvement with ASID while she was still a student, and aside from a brief period post-graduation, she’s been a member ever since. When asked why she prioritizes her ASID membership, Jennifer replied, “It’s important to show that we’re qualified, and ASID provides that.”

An ASID membership is more than accreditation, though. The community and connection that members have in their chapter is one of the most beneficial reasons to join. The networking provided through the regular meetings and special events can lead to new clients, deeper relationships, and even new jobs.

There are multiple levels of ASID Membership, depending on your position in the industry.

  • Professional Members must pass the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) exam.
  • Allied Members are those who have also completed 40 semester hours or 60 quarter hours of interior design education at an accredited institution.
  • Associate Members need a minimum of six years working in the industry full time, as well as an Associate’s Degree in any major.
  • Architect Members need to complete 40 semester hours from an accredited institution, as well as passing the Architect Registration Examination (ARE).
  • Industry Partner Members include interior design industry manufacturers and their representatives, related trade associations and market centers. Industry Partners provide opportunities for interaction between interior designers and the interior furnishings industry that supplies services and manufactured products.

There are also continuing education requirements every two years, and this is an excellent choice to learn something new about the industry. While it’s important to have a niche, these credits can help interior designers gain knowledge in other areas to better work with contractors and craftsmen.

Some past continuing education credits Jennifer has seen are Sherwin-Williams color trends and toilet water consumption. This diverse collection of courses means that ASID members are well-educated and are up-to-date on relevant industry changes.

Joining an ASID Committee

As a member of ASID, you’ll receive a number of benefits in addition to the networking and sense of belonging that Jennifer describes. You’ll also have the chance to join committees and plan events like the Sample Sale or Annual Banquet.

The word “committee” may make some people twitch, but Jennifer loves the experience she has had as a member of the Sample Sale team. The Sample Sale takes place in the ASID warehouse at International Market Square, and is open to both ASID members and the public.

The Sample Sale features high end lighting, rugs, art, furniture, and unique home décor, all highly discounted off retail prices. This is also an opportunity for homeowners and business owners to find professional services for their interior design projects.

Jennifer has co-chaired the event for four years, and enjoys seeing the event come together. It’s also a great opportunity for the public to learn about ASID’s role in the community, and how Interior Design shapes their homes and businesses.

By working on one of ASID MN’s committees, Jennifer has had the chance to deepen relationships with other members. These opportunities can be rare in some industries, but with ASID’s dedication to creating a resource for its members, Interior Designers can build relationships with others in their industry.

While some may view competitors as a company to be beat, the ASID has built a community that helps and cares for each other. Jennifer has witnessed this in the ASID MN chapter, and her experience is found in every chapter throughout the country.

Committing to Your ASID Chapter

As with many things, you will only get out of your ASID chapter what you put in. Jennifer has taken the time and effort to invest in her ASID MN chapter, and that has helped her career as an interior designer.

It’s important to invest in yourself, both personally and professionally. Jennifer has taken advantage of all that the ASID offers for her professional development, and is seeing the results.

To make the most out of your ASID membership, it’s important to go to meetings, help plan events, and take advantage of their networking opportunities. Time is valuable, especially if you have your own company. But in order to grow, you need to invest your time to make it worth the financial investment.

The best way to grow is to help others, which is why we are a proud ASID Industry Partner. Jennifer Ball is one of the many wonderful Interior Designers we have met through our chapter. When looking for a qualified and resourceful Interior Designer, make sure you look for those with an ASID accreditation.