Trends in Kitchen Design

We Spoke with Kayla Vig, a designer at Gunkelmans interior design regarding trends she is seeing in kitchen storage and design, and here is what she had to share: 

LED Lighting
   LED lighting offers a clean light and is energy efficient, with the ban of incandescent bulbs at a higher wattage (which is going to continue until incandescent bulbs are nonexistent).  LED’s are the way to go. 

Drawers and Integrated Handles
   Drawers are everywhere these days! Many people prefer drawers instead of cabinets for the lower storage of their kitchen. This makes accessing your items easier and keeps you more organized.  Integrated handles are becoming the norm, offering a more streamlined look.

   Microwave drawers

These allow you to place your microwave below your counter and out of sight.

Corner Drawers   
Drawers are also starting to replace your traditional lazy susan for your corner cabinets. Again easier access and more organization. 

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