Trends in Flooring

With so many options for flooring where does one start? Here is a list of the most popular flooring options today.

  • Reclaimed wood, hand scraped and American Hardwood are popular now.
American Hardwood                             Hand Scraped Hardwood


  • “Textured cut and loops are very hot right now. Darker colored carpets such as, browns and greys. ” says Ann of carpet resources

      Loop Carpet
      Loop Carpet


      • Linoleum is a great option for various rooms in a residential setting. It has been specified by interior designers lately for craft rooms, bathrooms, mud rooms and many other areas. Linoleum is a green choice for flooring because it is made from all natural materials and has a long lifespan.  Linoleum is also antimicrobial,  cost effective, easy to maintain, and offers many color/ pattern options. 


      • Tile options are so broad and with so many different styles, tile is not limited to the kitchen and bathroom any more. More to follow next month, with help from an expert!


      • There are many new luxury vinyl products that are wide plank that look like wood.  Also vinyl tiles that look like ceramic come in more unique sizes such as 18″x 24″. While vinyl may not be the first thing that comes to mind in flooring. It is cost effective and has come along way in the past few years. 
      Wide Plank Luxury Vinyl Flooring

      What about transitions in flooring?
      Transitions in flooring can be tricky, handling this issue incorrect and your home may end up looking like a bad patchwork quilt. 

      • Sometimes there are logical transition points and sometimes you aren’t so lucky but in both cases you can make the transition look just right.
      • Stick to 2 or 3 flooring options, adding more may create an overwhelming, non cohesive design. 
      • Use your resources- interior designers, remodeling companies, and tile/flooring showrooms. These professionals deal with these questions on a daily basis and can recommend what is going to work best for you on both a function and aesthetic stand point. 
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