The Witch Hat Garage

Purcell is currently working on a project with a very unique style of a roof, a witch’s hat. Although not limited to a specific type of architecture, this style of roof is typically seen as a turret  on a Queen Anne style home. 
Here are some images of our witch’s roof: 

This style of roof can be seen all over the world.  Seen here locally in the Twin Cities the Prospect Park Water Tower was built in 1913 and is one of the most iconic examples of a “witch hat roof”.

Prospect Park Water Tower                             Purcell’s Witch Hat Roof       

The labor involved on this style of roof is considerably more time consuming vs a standard pitched roof, thus this type of roof is rarely built anymore. The roofing material can be asphalt, cedar, slate, clay tile, and/or standing seam metal.  Usually the roof is capped off with a finial made of copper or similar metal:

Copper Capped Witch Hat Roof

 Have you ever seen any examples of this roof style?

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