Getting to Know Tim Purcell Jr.

My background…

  • I have always had a passion for entrepreneurship, I started my first business around eleven or twelve, lawn mowing. Shortly there after I started a magic show business with a friend. We traveled around to daycare centers, retirement homes, private parties even high school halftime shows. Yes, we have a video but it’s locked away and I have no idea where the key is! 🙂 
  • During junior and senior high, I had a very strong interest in wood shop class, I enjoyed building furniture. 
  • After I graduated, I jumped into the business with both feet and the rest is history. 

If I could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why…

  • My answer would be different when asked at a younger age but now I would say Minnesota. Being around family is very important to me, I  think its important for my three boys to discover where their parents where raised and who their family is.  I don’t really enjoy winter, I think eventually I would like to be somewhere warmer, but my boys would have to come along!
  • With that being said my brother lives in London with his wife and newborn daughter and my sister lives with her boyfriend in San Francisco. I wish my boys could spend more time with them but it sure does give us great places to visit!

My dream home…

  •  Would have lots of land and history

My hobbies include…

  • Coaching youth hockey
  • Golfing
  • Working around our yard
The Chicken coop, I recently completed in our backyard

 5 things I can’t live without…

  • Sun
  • Lunch and dinner
  • My wife and kids
  • Great friendships
  • Being busy

Not in that order!

Fill in the blank, No home would be complete without a ________________.

  • A conversational piece