Game Rooms

With winter right around the corner, wouldn’t it be great to have a place for the kids to hang out, a room out of sight of everyday living. Basements and converted attics make great spaces for these rooms. Even beyond everyday family time, game rooms make a great addition to entertaining spaces. If an attic or basement is out of question, a spacious area or unused formal dining room work great as well.

Many people consider using the living room as game/kid room but realistically this isn’t ideal. Lets face it, anyone who has or had children knows your home is not as tidy as one may dream with little ones running around. The living room is typically the first room visitors see when they enter the home. A closed storage unit with a few toys is ideal in this space, save the big toys for the game room.

A game room can be many things, while it doesn’t have to include a pool or ping pong table, if you have the room why not?  It can be as simple as a game table and four chairs, having a great place to  play games or cards. I recommend a pedestal table with four upholstered game chairs, this will allow more space and comfort for each player.

Game rooms can also double as homework spaces, so think about including a computer and desk.

As you can see game rooms can be small and cozy to large and extravagant. Whichever way you choose go, the game room is a great addition to any family home.