Laundry Room Design

Let’s face it, doing laundry and other household chores would be much more enjoyable in a functional and well designed laundry room.  Many people have put this room to the test recently,  giving the laundry room multiple functions beyond just getting the clothes cleaned! Here are a few common spins on the laundry room.

A multi-purpose room-  In many cases, the laundry room may also serve as a mudroom or pantry.  Provide a bench or a similar seating area for removal of shoes as well as some place for everyones bags. An easy and simple storage solution is to allocate a bin or basket to everyone in the house.

The sky is the limit, dog washing stations in the laundry room, they have become very popular recently.

Small but functional- When space is limited, stacked washers are dryers are key! These free up space for a sink and more storage. As in all laundry rooms, storage is key but in smaller spaces every square inch makes a huge difference.  Be sure the insides of your cabinets are well organized and allow easy access to the frequently used items.

A hobby room- The laundry can serve as a craft room when savvy storage solutions are put in place. Well organized clear totes provide easy visibility and access to the frequently used items, which can easily be tucked into the cabinet when not in use. The hobby room may also function as a homework space if a desk and computer station are in place. A spot away from the TV will help the kids focus entirely on their studies.

What feature do you find most important in your laundry room?