A Guide for the Gallery

We spoke Anita Sue Kolman and Patrick Kemal Pryor, owners of the Anita Sue Kolman Gallery, an art gallery located in NE Minneapolis. You may remember Patrick from our Designers Guide to Art, he is an artist as well as a co-owner of the Anita Sue Kolman Gallery. 

Art galleries can be a little intimating but Anita and Patrick, are here to share a bit about their ever changing gallery and how the process works.  Focusing on exhibiting work created by Minnesota artist, they encourage artists on display to meet and greet with gallery visitors. The meetings create unique connections between the artist and the collector. 

How many artists do you currently have on exhibition?

We currently have 7 artists, one guest artists and six gallery artists. We have about 6 exhibitions each years. One of our favorite exhibitions is coming up in the spring, it is called, Juicy Steak Moustache II. Last years show was so fun, we are doing it again, the opening reception is March 23, 2013 from  7-10 PM.  People always tell us our receptions are lots of fun and no two are alike.

How do you find the artists, are they local?

All of our artists are local, we find our artists through the recommendations of people we trust and through our visits to art exhibits through the Twin Cities.

Is all the art available for purchase? 

Yes, all the work in our gallery is available!

Does your gallery offer any assistance for a consumer who may be interested in selecting more then one piece of art for their home?

Yes, we offer in- home consultations to anyone who may be interested in purchasing art. We will bring selected artworks to a client’s home and provide recommendations about size, format and color.

What tip would you give the first time art buyer?

When considering your first major art purchase follow your instinct and your initial reaction to the artwork. If the artwork immediately inspires you and moves you , it is likely going to continue to do so for a long time.

Any Tips for creating a “gallery” in ones home?

  • Tip 1- As a rule, don’t hang artwork too high!
  • Tip 2- There are no rules, really.
Any misconceptions people have about purchasing art, what would you tell them?
We find that many people are shy about asking questions, and maybe feel reluctant to engage in a conversations about art. We love art and love talking about art! There really are no silly questions, and no right answers! 

Do you participate in any of the local art shows?
Yes, we participate in all of them, first Thursdays, art-a-whirl, ect…

A huge thank you to Anita and Patrick for letting us better understand galleries and showcasing some amazing artists!