A New Year… A Fresh Start On Art

Art is subjective… it can be many things, it can add color or be a back drop. As a designer, Flora Brama feels a space is hollow with out it. It is a beautiful back drop, a story and reminder to us, of color, moments and textures. Art is different to each individual and could be so many things; a child’s scribble, a hand written envelope or an artists rendition. So frame up what you  call art and group them to create a “forever” home on your walls.

Here is Flora’s guide to understanding, sourcing and creating your very own collection.
Art Sources
Local art
I believe there is something great about purchasing art locally, it supports local artists and shows pride in your home. 
MN Artists– Many mediums and talents for traditional and modern flavors alike
Beson Art– Abstracts and more
Danielle Voight – She is one of my favorites, and such a wonderful person. She creates beautiful abstracts with alot of depth in monochromatic tones.

** John Rummelhoff   – John Rummelhoff is my favorite of them all. I have referred and commissioned John many times. He has held an “artists life” with a major career in NYC.

Online art sources
One great part of searching for art online,are the many economical options that allow you to create a one of a kind look. Here are a few of Flora’s favorite sources for affordable online art:

Many of the art sources mentioned above offer framing services, but if I am looking to go elsewhere these are my top picks. 
Frame Ups – Contact Laura, she is the best and the price points are great!
Hang It – They offer installation services as well
As for less expensive options from retail shops, my favorites are from West Elm. These clean lined frames fit great into a transitional interiors, they have linen mats and a gilded finish. Another favorite of mine are these.

Other art styles
The artistry of venetian and other specialty wall finishes… I recommend Carter Averbeck of Trompe Art. I employ him for all of my project with feature walls, and areas of special interest. His personal sense of artistry and texture alongside his collaboration with designers and clients creates truly wonderful spaces.
A little something near and dear to my heart… 
Photographs by Flora, To each his own…

We hope this post inspires you to start sourcing and creating a collection of your very own for the new year! Thanks Flora!