Why Do I Need Gutters?

Gutters are very important to the integrity of your home. They mainly serve two purposes:
1. Catch roof water and divert it away from your foundation – Depending on your soil conditions, allowing water to drain off the roof and soak into the ground next to the foundation can lead to a wet basement.
2. Historic applications that serve an aesthetic and functional purpose – Purcell routinely use a “K-Style” gutter to mimic the look of crown moulding.  In doing so, we capture the function and aesthetics.  
Gutters come in many materials and styles. Vinyl, aluminum, galvanized and steel gutters can easily be designed and colored to match the theme of any home, while wood and copper gutters are less versatile but offer a more individualized look.

The most common styles of gutters include: K-Style (commonly installed), half round, built-in, and box style. 
Examples of K-Style Gutters
Examples of Built-in Gutters
Built-in Gutters
Examples of Half Round Gutters

Shown above is a Box Style Gutter that Purcell designed and had built for a project.
The home desperatly needed gutters due to poor soil conditions and a old stone foundation.
The client was adamant about keeping with the look of the existing fascia lines.  So we created a gutter to match the lines.