Trends In Remodeling for 2014

We are excited to share our list of 5 Trends in Remodeling for 2014.

  •  Mixed Metal Accents
    • We are seeing a lot of mixed metal combinations in interior design, you don’t have to pick just one finish and use it through out the house. Here are two great examples of using mixed metals to create a sophisticated look. 
  • U-Socket Outlet
    • Like it or not, technology is the way of the future. Many are incorporating u-socket outlets into their homes.  These allow the charging of multiple electronics at once, as well as feature specialized Apple product hook ups. 
  • Luxury Showers
    • Lets’ face it, you are either a bath person or you’re not. Lately, many have been focusing on making the shower a spa like experience. It is something you are using everyday and it is an important feature of the house. While tubs are still important, showers are seeing some serious changes. 
  • Open Shelving
    • Open shelving isn’t exactly new to the remodeling industry for 2014, it has been in demand for the past year and will continue to stay on trend. It gives any kitchen a clean and updated appearance, and gives you a place to show off your favorite cookware or cookbooks.
    • Not ready to commit to the open shelf concept, glass doors are equally as great of an option!
  • Organized Cabinetry
    • Wouldn’t it be great if everything had its own place?  Good news, now it does! Cabinetry makers and manufactures are designing down to every detail. Pull out drawers for spices, knives and even dishtowels.  Here are a few of our favorites:
    • When investing in a kitchen or bathroom, make sure you spend the extra money on these highly sought after upgrades, which will not only benefit you now, but in the future as well if you ever want to resell.
Hopefully these 5 trends in remodeling gave you the nudge you needed to make 2014 the year of the remodel you have been waiting to start. Not sure where to start give us a call, 651.748.1304.

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