Outdoor Spaces

Most Minnesotans will agree, we have the most beautiful springs and summers. While we may only get a few months of this beautiful weather. We know how to take advantage of them in our outdoor spaces, whether lounging, dining or gardening these outdoor spaces are truly priceless. Think of these spaces as an extension of your interior living spaces and use them to their fullest for the next few months!




A few key things to incorporate into your outdoor spaces are:
  • Lighting- Don’t forget about lighting! These can be torches, string lights or even outdoor lamps. 
  • Fireplace/ fire pit- Although the summer days can be warm, it’s nice to wind down around a fireplace on a cool summer evening.
  • Layout- A well designed layout is key for backyard entertaining. Don’t forget to bring the key elements of a social area outside. A well  planned outdoor living room or dining space can be a key to outdoor entertaining success.
What is your favorite outdoor space?

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