Holiday Decor

It’s that time of year again, if you were able to hold off on holiday decorating until after Thanksgiving congrats, I personally didn’t make it! There is something so special about holiday decor, maybe it’s because on no other occasion could you have a 3 foot brass deer, a vase filled with colorful bulbs or a quirky menorah.

We spoke with a local interior designer to get her tips on holiday decor done right.

Flora Brama of Revelry Studio has been creating custom designed holiday decor for her clients for years. Here are some stunning examples of pieces she has designed.

Residential Projects

Tips on decorating for the Holidays
  • Think beyond red and green, just because your decor isn’t typical holiday colors, doesn’t mean it’s not festive
  • Use natural elements found in nature to spruce up wreaths and trees
  • Add in a few unexpected elements such as a feather or a giant bow
  • When decorating a tree, don’t forget to place ornaments into the tree branches a little. You don’t want all the decoration on the surface of the tree
  • Add in sprigs, twigs, pine cones and ornaments
  • Temporarily place the decorations on a wreath when decorating, to get an overall look before making any permanent attachments
Commercial Projects

Thanks Flora!