Wall Covering – 101

For many, wall coverings may seem like a thing of the past, however it has come a long way in the past few years. There are many styles and materials to choose from, so here is a simple round up to get rid of any misconceptions you may have about wall coverings.

Printed Wallpaper
Printed wallpaper can be traditional to contemporary in style. There are various methods to create printed papers. They can be screen printed, hand painted, ink-jet printed, hand block printed, and machine printed.

Natural wall coverings

Natural wall coverings can be constructed of grass cloths, corks, woods, jute, hemp, and various other natural products. Some of these products can even be painted or printed on.

Natural wall covering
Natural stone wall covering
Cork wall covering
Grass cloth paper
Vinyl wall coverings
Typically thought of for its use in commercial spaces, vinyl wall covering has made its self known in residential design lately. This is due in large part to its durability, versatility and cost conscious nature.

Specialty Papers
This includes a range of papers such as; hand painted murals, specialty painting, glass, recycled products and various other types.

Hand painted mural
Hand painted mural
Silk paper
Metallic leaf paper
Recycled newspaper wall paper
We hope to have gotten rid of any ugly wallpaper misconceptions you may have previously had and opened your eyes to the beautiful world of wall coverings!
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