Holiday Entertaining

Holiday entertaining can be extremely rewarding, as well as extremely stressful. We sat down again with our friends at Kitchen Comfort to get the Interior Designers tips and tricks on creating the perfect holiday gathering. 
  • Eat with your eyes first. The table setting is going to be seen prior to the food.
  • Presentation is VERY important! Especially when serving food, you need balance, symmetry and color. “This all leads back to one of the first things I learned in school,” says Gina. It’s all about the elements and principles of design .
  • Centerpieces

    • Adding a centerpiece to your holiday gathering does not have to be expensive, but going the extra mile to incorporate a centerpiece shows them you care. 
      • A easy, inexpensive centerpiece can be made with dollar store vases and carnations. Carving out the center of the pumpkin and filling it with inexpensive flowers gives a very luxe- presentation but only costs a few dollars.
    • Do not block guests eye sight with tall floral arrangements, this will make conversation less comfortable for your guests. If the guests have direct eye sight to each other, it makes conversation easier. 
      • If you do have a centerpiece over 12″, remove it prior to serving the first course.
  • Table setting
    • Don’t be fussy
    • Keep drink ware simple, place a water glass and wine glass on the table. If the guest wants additional glasses, you can get them one from the kitchen. 
    • Be sure your cutlery is set up appropriately (see below)
  • Dining
    • Of course the food is important, I hope we didn’t give you that impression!
    • Serve platted dinners, not buffet style. People love being served, even if they don’t make it known.
    • Brenda says ” I always wait at least ten minutes between courses, this gives people time to chat and sip wine.”
    • Serve in Courses
      • 1st- Soup
      • 2nd- Salad- Sprinkle salad with pomegranate seeds if possible. It adds great color and they are readily available throughout the fall and winter seasons.
      • 3rd- Bakery fresh rolls with homemade herb butter. Fresh bakery rolls are so much tastier then take and bake rolls. I go to my favorite local bakery to pick up fresh rolls the day of my dinner party.
        • Serve butter in individual ramekins
        • Herb butter is so simple and impressive- easy recipe here!
      • 4th- Entree and side dishes
      • Winter Squash with Spiced Butter
        Winter Squash with Spiced Butter- Bon Appetit
        • Winter squash recipe is simple and adds beautiful color to the plate, recipe here!
      • 5th- Dessert- wait 30-45 minutes, offer coffee in the meantime
  • Another important thing to remember when preparing for any dinner party, give yourself a few days to prepare. This way you won’t feel overwhelmed and don’t enjoy the company and food. 
    • 3 days prior- Make menu and shop
    • Day before- Prepare what you can. Brenda calls this “chopping, dicing and peeling day.”
    • Day of party- Set table, cook and enjoy!
Now that you know the best tips on holiday entertaining, incorporate them into your next dinner party! Thank you again to the ladies of Kitchen Comfort!


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