Featured Designer- Talla Skogmo

Talla Skogmo designs interiors that live as beautifully as they look.

Talla believes projects are created and measured by teams — client, designer, architect and builder. She has been an Interior Designer for three decades and has kept the same philosophy;  creating spaces that fulfill her client’s needs in a timeless and tasteful style.

Share your background
I have a degree in interior design from The University of Minnesota, and have been an interior designer for 35 years. 27 years at Gunkelmans Interior Design and 8 years with my own firm, Talla Skogmo Interior Design.
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why
I am very happy where I am, I love traveling but the best part is always coming home. We have enjoyed having a second home in the mountains and perhaps someday could see myself living in Colorado, getting lots of exercise and fresh air!
Describe your dream home in five words
Comfortable, unique, full of family
What are your hobbies
Watching my children excel at their dreams, snow skiing and traveling
Five things you can’t live without
Family, nature, antiques, good food, and beautiful architecture
What are your favorite local shops and restaurants
I love Ciao Bella and Mill Valley Kitchen. When I spend my days shopping for clients, shopping is not the onl ything on my agenda.
Describe your favorite project
Working for a client on probably our fourth home for them in Naples, Florida. We were very involved in every aspect of the project, from the architecture to the last vase in the home. A formal yet comfortable home, designed for day to day living but also welcoming guests, and entertaining. It was a unique and wonderful opportunity to have such involvement with the project.

Who is your favorite artist/furniture designer
I love Rose Tarlow- Melrose House
What is your favorite room in your home and why
Our living room, it’s the original great room, complete with  an inglenook fireplace, butternut beam ceilings and plenty of group seating groups for entertaining small and large. ( My home has never been photographed)

Fill in the blank, no home would be complete without…
Great lighting
Do you have “go to” paint colors
You can always count on Benjamin Moore 967, for a perfect white in both contemporary and traditional interiors.
Thank you Talla, check out more of Talla’s work here!